Increasing intracellular Glutathione can do wonders for your well being.

Note: These products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They arenot intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease. These products have a US patent.They support the body systems and functions.

"At age 45 I was already feeling changes in my body: I had frequent hot flushes , lack of energy, my body was aching, my fingers were swelling  to the degree that I could not make a “fist”, I could not sleep well, many times I jumped out of bed at night with strong muscle cramps in my  legs. As a registered nurse  I understood that something was not going well with my health, so  I went to the doctor.  After I described my symptoms, the doctor looked at me and said that I have an asymptomatic immune disease. He described for me the disease, and I was devastated, I thought that my life is over.The doctor gave me choice of taking medications, or to learn to live with my symptoms.I choose to learn to live with my symptoms; I exercised more, changed my diet but the pain and swelling in the joints did not disappear. One day out of no where, I met Ronen and his wife Alexandra  and they told me about the importance of increasing glutathione in the body.I rejected them many times, but Ronen was relentless. I finally decided to try the product he was talking about, and  my life changed; After two days I felt full of energy, no pain, no muscle cramps. I sleep a full night sleep, I have a lot of energy and I am able to continue my full-time job.  I have clarity of mind and my memory improved. No more swelling in my joints and I gained back my body flexibility." Esti M.

"I have always been very healthy, thank goodness, and I have no physical ailments. I started taking these products several months ago and I have outstanding and increased energy, clarity of mind, and sleep. I feel "balanced" and very much at the peak of my health. I am 57 and I feel like 20 yrs. old again. My mother is 92 and has very limited strength, very much muscle weakness, and has memory/cognition issues. I started her this month on these products daily and I notice a marked improvement in her cognition and clarity of mind, as well as her quality of sleep at night. You have my lifelong devotion because of these products, and I am spreading the word quickly to everyone I know about all of the amazing  products. Thank you !!"  Reine R

“I started to get a skin condition about a year ago. It was covering about 75-80% percent of my body including my scalp, and I started to lose my hair. I have gone to my primary care physician, a dermatologist, and an allergist to try and determine the cause and treatment. I’ve been prescribed various steroid pills and ointments. The very day after I ended each round of pills, the eczema would return and spread.

The day I spoke to you about Glutathione and how important it is for the body, I was in the middle of the last round of pills they would give me. Knowing what was in store when the treatment was over, I ordered a bottle of CellGevity. I received it the day I took my last pill and started taking it right away. To my surprise, the skin condition did NOTreturn! The steroids hadn’t cleared up all of the breakouts. The CellGevity has been doing wondrously for my skin. My hair stopped falling out. My nails have grown and are stronger.

I’m so excited about CellGevity. I’m a BELIEVER!!! Feel free to share my story with whomever you think will be blessed by it..” Melinda B.

Nurit Greenger

Nurit Greenger

",,,one day I felt a strange, faint pain in my left leg; that pain developed into such excruciating pain that I could not step on my left leg. The obstinate I am, I continued to walk regardless of the pain asthe desire to reduce my alarming cholesterol level trumped the pain. Then the same pain began in my right leg... I began to feel dizzy and the pain was spreading all over the body, as if someone was digging seep into my bones. Also my hair was falling in chunks and my nails weakened; I no longer could take my daily long walk and I was miserable...

Very often, early Sunday I listen to a radio station where they speak about health.  One Sunday one doctor stated that our body has its natural power to fight sicknesses and diseases. If we eat well and right our natural immune system will be able to fight any attack on the body.  At that moment a thought came to my mind that my immune system is off and it needs a boost so it can get rid of all the ailments and disorders that attacked me.

... I called Ronen and without much explanation of what I am going through I told him I do not feel well and I want to buy some Max and see if it helps me... I ordered Cellgevity and as soon as the package arrived I started to take extra dose. Within a month I felt better. All the pain was gone, the hair stopped falling but the dizziness, though less, was still there. My last blood test showed a significant reduction in my cholesterol level. I am no longer in the danger zone... 

As of this writing, at the age of 65 years old, I have been using Cellgevity for five months and I feel great; I increased my walking to over three miles each day, some of it I even run; I am no longer dizzy, I have no pain, my hair stopped falling and my nails are getting stronger...  I for one will not stop taking Cellgevity. Nurit Greenger, February 2013


“Cellgevity and Max N Fuze came through with flying colors during a very demanding time of my energy and focus. I was functioning with very little sleep, minimal nutrition, and addressing various taxing issues during the course of the day. Since I began taking the products in February, I have not been taking any other supplements, so I know that I was being sustained and empowered by the formulas in Cellgevity and Max N Fuze during a critical time in April and May, 2014.”
— Rozelle W.

I was reluctant at first. Cellgevity was recommended by a dear friend who never gave up sharing his passion for the product that boosts the production of Glutathione in the cells of our human body. I feel blessed that Ronen's persistence enabled me to finally try the product and see the results, and after seeing how it helped my daughter it  has given me a deep sense of lifetime personal appreciation.

My daughter is in her mid 20s, she has three young boys, and her husband works as a minimum wage laborer in Vancouver, Wa. Not even her own prescribed medications were able to give a hundred percent relief from the inflammation affecting her whole body; it was heartbreaking for me to witness the frequency of her stiffness, the intensified periods of pain too difficult to bear mentally and physically; her loss of function and evidence of deformities to her extremities, her fingers, her feet and toes, month after month as we both fought this disease together. I have prayed fervently for healing and brought the matter to the local church saints to continue their prayer on behalf of my daughter. To a parent, it is the most agonizing feeling to see what a disease is doing to your beloved daughter. I would come to her house to find her lying down on her bed and unable to move because of the unbearable pain that she had to endure. What she was going through has given me a type of PTSD, in a way. Her anxieties repeatedly echoing in my mind. My heart was overwhelmed. I love her so dearly. I felt alone and helpless. I helped with her household chores, watched and fed her kids and tried to assist her with whatever support I could provide mentally and physically. So, it was my endeavor to find a miracle to stop the ongoing anxiety that has affected all of us in the family; thanks to Ronen's persistent calls, I finally decided to take the product that he had, so passionately, been telling me to try. 

About 5 months ago, I ordered the glutathione accelerator product that Ronen told me about. I was reluctant at first, because I have given my daughter enough products of health and vitamin supplements from many other different multilevel companies. I looked at all of them as a profit market driven business. But I was also a Parent who didn't want to give up on my daughter. So I gave it a try. On the first week that my daughter took the product, it was like a miracle. Today I understand that when our body receives what it needs, it can fight inflammation and the pain that comes with it. My daughter's body started to heal itself immediately. She had no pain, she was moving around. But after just a few days she was back in bed with a seemingly more severe pain and inflammation. After two weeks, my daughter recuperated. From then on, she had an alternating experience of being sick and being well but each time she got sick, it was not as bad as before. In other words, we could finally see that she was progressively getting better. It took four months for her body to heal itself. Today, my daughter has a job, the kids are at the daycare. It is of the greatest joy to see that my daughter is now free to live a normal life. 

This experience has now challenged me to share this testimony with those who suffer from any kind of disease. I pray that people would understand the importance of increasing the body's own production of Glutathione and how it can help our body heal itself.   

 George C.

Esti M

Esti M