Yo-Yo Diets Don't Work

Fad diets require you to completely change your eating habits, to cut out certain types of food entirely or to only eat certain foods. These diets are so restrictive, unforgiving, and nearly impossible to maintain long-term.  

Short term weight loss throws off your body's metabolism - your fat burning mechanism.  

The Meta-Switch system was created with this in mind. Max set out to use science to create a sustainable weight loss system that does not require drastic lifestyle changes. 


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To provide a convenient, effective snack that can curb your unwanted appetite and cravings to help you lose those unwanted inches and pound. Curb Slimming Bars ad in the purpose of weight loss by supporting the body's metabolism and gastrointestinal system by acting as a pre-biotic, anti-inflammatory and cleanser.

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To boost the body's metabolism while reducing the feelings of hunger pangs and food cravings. Switch Metabolic Enhancer promotes healthy weight loss by activating the body's AMPK pathway through it proprietary blend of Alpha Lipoic Acid, Luecine, Citruline, and other ingredients.  

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