How to Achieve Your Dreams

How to Achieve Your Dreams
How to Achieve Your Dreams

Are You a Drifter, Pursuer, Achiever or Super Achiever? 

Steven K. Scott teachings on How to Achieve Your Dreams are refreshing, enjoyable and easy to apply.

A few days ago, we were privileged to enjoy a training session with Steve, and we will try to share part of what we learned with you.

These strategies are part of his mentoring system "Master Strategies of Super Achievers". Steve is a self-made billionaire and author of New York Times Best Seller “Mentored by a Millionaire”. You can learn more about him at

If you want to learn how to achieve your dreams, you may want to start by determining how do you approach your life:

1) People approach every area of their life from one of four perspectives:

  • Drifters: go with the flow
  • Pursuers: Pursue but rarely achieve preset dreams and goals
  • Achievers: Achieve significant outcomes, but rarely extraordinary dreams and goals
  • Super Achievers: Consistently achieve dreams and goals and extraordinary outcomes. They use a different set of Strategies than those used by the masses.

Are you a Drifter, Pursuer, Achiever or Super Achiever?

Steve taught us that we can be a drifter in one area of our life (like for example marriage), and an achiever in another one (for example, business).

Identify the important areas of our life and evaluate how you approach each one of them in order to achieve your dreams.

2) To achieve your dreams and experience extraordinary success in your life you need to understand personality, starting with your own. This includes knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

Steve has a 5 minute personality test that can help you discover your personality type and your strengths and weaknesses, and we will be happy to share it with you. Click here for Steve Scott personality test

Understanding personality is a strategy that allows you to:

  • Capitalize on your personal strengths
  • Discover your weaknesses
  • Understand and appreciate your spouse, children co-workers, and learn how to interact with them for a more positive communication experience
  • Communicate more effectively with people, and motivate and encourage them
  • Reduce stress and be more productive

3) Another key strategy to achieve your dreams and experience extraordinary success is called "Vision Mapping".

Vision Mapping allows you to gain a clear and precise vision of what you want to achieve, and map the necessary steps to achieve it.

From “The Master Strategies of Super Achievers”:

“If you do not have a clear picture of your destination and a precise map to get there, you won’t even begin the trip. The Vision Mapping process is a powerful engine that will provide all of the power you need to reach your most important dreams.”

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” Proverbs 29:18

Steve taught us that the opposite is also true: “With Vision, the people THRIVE”

Vision infuses life into any project or endeavor, and the lack of vision infuses the dying process.


Solomon’s definition of Vision:

A clearly defined dream, idea, goal, or objective and a plan detailing the specific steps that must be taken to achieve it.

Steps for Vision Mapping: This is Key to Achieve Your Dreams

After identifying and creating a list of the most important areas of your life:

  1. Define and describe your dream or vision in writing for each area
  2. Convert that vision or dream into a set of specific goals
  3. Convert each goal into a set of specific steps
  4. Convert each complex step into a specific set of tasks
  5. Set target completion dates for each task, step and goal

This is just a small sample of Steve’s teachings. There is a lot more, and Steve is looking for partners to help achieve success and significance. If you too would like to partner with Steve and get a shot at achieving extraordinary success, don’t wait, contact us ASAP!

Even if you are not interested in partnering with Steve, or if you have another project going in, WE ARE READY TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS.

All you need to do is contact us to get started! Email us at

What is that dream/goal/vision that you want to accomplish THIS YEAR? Don't wait for another year to pass by without accomplishing it.

To Success and Significance,

Ronen and Alexandra Brown