The Secret to Extraordinary Success

The Secret to Extraordinary Success? Learn to INSPIRE Yourself!


Can you remember a time when you were really inspired to do something? Remember the energy you had to do the things required of you? Remember how you had endless energy, how you were able to focus, and how you maybe even forgot to eat because you were so "into it"? That's Being Inspired!

Inspiration has to come from within you. Other people's dreams or energy will only get you so far. The secret to achieve extraordinary success is to Re-Discover and Re-Ignite the "flame" burning in you.  Like Les Brown says "There is greatness within you"

Inspiration comes from within and moves outwards. When you are inspired, you start MOVING and DOING things; this unleashes your CREATIVE SPIRIT, which starts ATTRACTING situations, people and things, CREATING THE RESULTS YOU WANT.

What can you do to Inspire yourself?

1.       Define who you are (you are an awesome person who deserves health, wealth and love)

2.       Define what are your core values, what matters most to you? (Respect, Harmony, Love, Acceptance, Family, Honesty, Safety, etc.)

3.       Determine what are your natural talents (Leadership, listening, teaching, creativity, hospitality, etc.) You may want to ask your friends about this as many times we do not realize what our natural talents are.

4.       Discover/refine your purpose in life. This is a though one for most people, and it may evolve as you learn to know yourself better. If you look back in your life and start writing about the times you felt your best, you will discover a pattern.

With all of this information about you in hand, start writing your own VISION for your life! Instead of setting a goal, get a Visionary DREAM in motion.

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Write down your dream in Present tense and using Positive images. Scientists discovered that the subconscious mind cannot differentiate between past, present, real or imaginary, and will start working towards achieving the images it receives. That is why it is so important to WRITE IT DOWN and read it/repeat it at least twice a day!

Also write down a list of positive affirmations to remind yourself of all the good in you so you don't pay attention to your own fears or to well-intended negative people! (For example "I am successful" "I am very creative" etc.)

This is the secret to achieve extraordinary success. Do it, and you will inspire yourself to press towards your dream; in the process, you will inspire many others and as you see their lives changed for good, you will experience true success...

To learn more about inspiring yourself, click here to check the book The Art of Vision and Self Motivation by Richard Brooke.

May this be your best year! Go for it!