You can help your body heal itself!

You can help your body heal itself! Alternative healing methods


Everyday I see people that are suffering from all kind of pains and illnesses. Most of them are convinced that there is nothing they can do about it, and they define themselves by their condition (such as in "I am" or "I have"). It hurts me to see them in this "captivity". I am talking about the captivity caused by illness and dependence on medical drugs due to lack of knowledge on alternative healing methods and how to help your body heal itself. I say a little prayer before telling them that there is something else they can do, that there is still "hope". Sometimes they listen...

During my childhood and adolescence, I suffered from many health problems. Every winter I had laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and many other “itis”. During summertime, liver pain, stomach pain, the occasional throwing up after a very succulent barbecue…I had the pertinent medications on my night stand, always at hand just in case.

If this wasn't enough, I also suffered from low blood pressure and dizziness (which made it hard for me to exercise), from low blood sugar (I had to eat every few hours), nausea during long trips (Dramamine) and a “feeling of suffocation” that attacked me for many years and that no medicine could cure, which was qualified as “emotional illness” “epiglottis problem” “my fabrication” etc. It was only when I was 13 or 14 years old that good Dr. Ruda gave me an homeopathic remedy that I had to take before breakfast, and that had such a horrible taste that the suffocation feeling finally disappeared!

I must also mention that I was about 60 pounds overweight…which in turn caused me a certain level of depression, lack of energy and even shyness. I can say that my teenage years were not the happiest!

I remember the constant visits to the doctors, the medicines (including one to lose weight that almost kill me!) the dependence on other people’s knowledge.

Everything started to change for me when in the spring of ’83, due to a chance encounter (if there is such a thing) I started to learn and practice the “Pa-Kua Knowledge” in its most basic form, the martial art, with Master Victor Candal as my teacher.

This opened a door for me through which I advanced with a slow but steady step. A door to knowledge that allowed me to go from having a passive, dependent and reactive attitude towards my health and well-being, to developing an active, independent and pro-active attitude, and attitude of taking responsibility for my own physical and mental health and well-being. I decided to take charge of my health and help my body heal itself. I moved from the Health care system to a Self Care System and started to learn about different Alternative Healing methods.

There is a very basic and essential knowledge that everyone should have: the knowledge needed to take care of our body, to prevent it from getting sick, to help it heal if necessary; the knowledge needed to take responsibility for our actions and emotions and the way in which they affect our being.

Alternative healing starts with you learning to listen to your body and being aware of its signals. If you want to start the journey into alternative healing and self-care, start paying attention to:

What goes into your mind: TV, comments from friends, what we read, listen to.

What goes into your body: there are so many food choices and so many different opinions as to what is good for you. Do your own research, but keep in mind some basic principles:

  • Eat fresh, raw, organic. The closest food is to its original state, the easier it will be for your body to digest it, take the nutrients and eliminate it
  • Avoid refined and chemical sugars such as “artificial” sweeteners. If needed, use natural sugars such as maple syrup, honey, stevia in small quantities.
  • Take supplements on a regular basis. As much as we would like to be able to get all the nutrients we need from our healthy eating, that is no longer possible in the world we live in. It took me a while to accept this, but even organic fruits and vegetables are not providing us with 100% of the nutrients needed due, among others, to toxins in the environment and poor soil quality. Click here for the supplements I use and recommend.

What comes out of your body:

  • Eliminate toxins every day.  Do you go to the bathroom after every time you eat (yes, like a baby). If you don’t and specially if you are not going #2 at least once a day, you are accumulating toxins in your body that will eventually turn into cellular inflammation that will turn into one of the (at least) 75 illnesses associated with cellular inflammation. (If you are not going #2 everyday, this is your first step. Click here for tips on this subject)
  • Practice therapeutic exercises that allow your body to sweat and detoxify, while restoring it, such as Yoga, Pa-kua, Tai Chi, Ki-gong.

And most importantly, learn about Glutathione and how it can help your body heal itself (CLICK HERE for more on Glutathione) 

This knowledge alone changed my life and the lives of many others in a short period of time. In my opinion, Glutathione holds the key to optimal health! (click here for Wikipedia info on glutathione). 

Would you join me and many others and move from health care to “self care”? I hope so!