Constipation home remedies!

Feeling sluggish, cranky, low in energy? Constipation may be the reason and there are some Constipation Home Remedies! (that you can try today)

If you are not having a bowel movement after every meal, or at least once a day, toxins are building up in your body. Are you feeling sluggish, unable to focus and cranky? Constipation may be the cause!

Did you know that there are many constipation home remedies than can help you get some relief?. You can try any or all of these:

  • Eating high-fiber foods. High-fiber foods include beans, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid foods that have little to no fiber, such as cheese, meat and processed foods. constipation home remedies
  • Moving your body. Physical activity can help stimulate intestinal activity. Even a brisk walk can do wonders for your digestive tract muscles.
  • Drinking more liquid. Drinking plenty of water and other fluids will help soften your stool (artificial drinks such as sodas or juices do not count). A glass of water as soon as you wake up can do wonders. constipation home remedies
  • Eating foods that help your bowels move. Such as apples, bananas, figs, dates and prunes. You can soak some prunes overnight and drink the water the next morning for a great natural laxative.
  • Taking the time for bowel movements. Set aside sufficient time to allow undisturbed visits to the toilet. And don't ignore the urge to go!
  • Giving yourself a tummy massage. An easy do-it-yourself massage: You can do this laying down or standing up. Massage your stomach area with the palm of your hands, from left to right and right to left at least 80 times. This will help activate the circulation in the area and “wake up” your digestive tract muscles.
  • Concentrating on positive emotions and getting rid of the negative ones. Stress, fear and hate are your bowels enemies! Make sure that you are not emotionally “holding on” to anything. More often than not, our physical dis-harmonies are a reflex of our emotions. constipation home remedies
  • Increasing your body’s Glutathione levels. Increasing Glutathione levels will help your body to get rid of the accumulated toxins and help the intestines combat the oxidative stress caused by them. If Glutathione becomes deficient in intestinal cells, the gut becomes leaky, leading to inflammation and constipation. Clinical studies at show people with constipation have high levels of oxidative stress and low levels of Glutathione.

I hope this article helped you see the different steps you can take to solve the constipation problem with constipation home remedies!

NOTE: Glutathione is the body's own master anti-oxidant. If you want to increase your body’s Glutathione levels do not run to the vitamin store and buy a bottle of Glutathione capsules, as this is like throwing your money down the drain. Supplementation with Glutathione capsules is known to be ineffective in raising your body’s levels significantly.

For more information on how to best support and increase your body’s own production of Glutathione click on the link below: