Formula for Good Health and Happiness

Add these practices daily to your schedule:

Eat lots of fresh food

Open and air-out your home daily

Take lots of relaxing walks amongst nature

Play uplifting music

Wear comfortable clothes at home

Take relaxing/herbal baths

Read uplifting literature

Practice deep breathing 3 times a day

Do some exercise daily: walk, bike, hike, yoga, dance, aerobics, etc.

Be creative

Keep a journal daily

Have a massage weekly

Be sincere, speak the truth

Express your feelings openly

Keep positive uplifting company

Do some service for others

Practice compassion, loving kindness, patience

Use positive speech, your words create reality

Be a good example to others

Increase your GLUTATHIONE levels

Have fun! and do whatever brings you and others peace, love, joy, happiness, harmony and good health

Enjoy the journey, Live life to its fullest, Share love with all



(I saw this list at an integrative doctor's office and I loved it!)