Glutathione and Fibromyalgia

Glutathione and Fibromyalgia:

The root of pain in Fibromyalgia has been identified as being caused, in part, by prolonged oxidative stress.  The more oxidative stress, the more inflammation, and the more inflammation the body has, the more oxidative stress it suffers. This perpetuates the cycle and the person is left with more pain.


Of the antioxidants that can prevent or retard the pain response from Fibromyalgia, GLUTATHIONE has been identified as central.

High GLUTATHIONE levels work to combat oxidative stress and lower inflammation, and by doing so contribute to stopping the cycle of pain!

The  Glutathione molecule is found in each cell. Maintaining Glutathione levels helps to:

  • support your Immune System modulation
  • slow progression of inflammation and disease
  • minimize the side effects of pain medication
  • Protect the cell against attacks

By modulating your immune system, Glutathione has a specific role in relieving fibromyalgia's  painful inflammatory cycle.

Glutathione  protects the Mitochondria (your cell's power plant) from chemical and environmental stressors that mount free radical attacks against the cell.

When your body's natural Glutathione antioxidant defense systems cannot protect your cells - you experience fibromyalgia and other diseases of ‘pain and fatigue'.

When a successful attack penetrates the cell  we experience fibromyalgia, and the other ‘diseases of pain and fatigue', including: chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, MS, etc.Damage and decline occurs slowly over a long period of time.

Clearly, the lower the Glutathione levels in your cells, the more unprotected every cell is, and the more rapid the decline in your condition.

Do you know anyone suffering from Fibromyalgia?  They need to know about Glutathione!

Before you go running to the vitamin store to buy a bottle of Glutathione capsules, I have to tell you that Glutathione supplementation has been shown to be largely ineffective in raising your body's glutathione levels significantly. There is a patented scientific breakthrough that can help your body produce 300% more glutathione in 60 days!

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Watch this video of Dr. Don Colbert talking about how higher Glutathione levels can help reduce Inflammation